What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp | 20 Latin-Inspired Sides

When you need help deciding what to serve with coconut shrimp, pair it with delicious sides like a tropical drink, easy-to-make sauces, or savory sides. Here are 20 ideas to make meal planning simple and fun!

Side view of coconut shrimp on a white plate

Wondering What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp?

If you plan on having coconut shrimp for dinner, whether you’ve got it ready-made in the freezer or prepared it from scratch, you might wonder what to serve with it.

These sides are a perfect addition to a Latin-inspired meal. Whether you’re serving coconut shrimp as a light appetizer or making it the main dish, it can be paired with a tropical drink, citrus zest, spicy sauce, and a savory side to create a complete dinner option.

side view of coconut shrimp on cooling rack

A Good Sauce Is The Best Coconut Shrimp Side

Sauces are the best! Especially when they’re full of flavor, they have a hint of spice and acidity.

If you’re a fan of coconut shrimp, serving it as an appetizer or side dish and pairing it with a delicious sauce can really enhance its flavor and take it to the next level.

If you’re short on time, and not sure what to serve with coconut shrimp, these recipes can take less than 10 minutes to make. Making them the easiest sides!

1. Ancho Aioli

A homemade ancho aioli with a smoky, tangy, and slightly spicy flavor. Made with dried ancho chile and the perfect amount of acidity.

This sauce balances well with the slight sweetness of the coconut shrimp.

Easy and Delicious Ancho Aioli
Homemade mayo with ancho chile, a perfectly creamy sauce with a hint of spice.
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Side shot of ancho chili aioli on a spoon and plantain chip

2. Garlic and Cherry Pepper Aioli

If you’re looking for a tasty way to add flavor to your coconut shrimp- this cherry pepper aioli pops!

It’s a great combination of bright, tangy, and slightly spicy flavors that really make the dish come together, and it’s so simple to make – dice up pickled cherry peppers, a hint of garlic, and lemon juice, add it to your favorite mayo and serve!

Oh, and top it off with finely diced habañero peppers for an extra kick.

Spicy Garlic Aioli With Cherry Pepper Relish
Homemade mayo with a kick of spicy garlic.
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Side shot of spicy garlic aioli with fried plantains

3. Delicious Chimichurri Aioli

This chimichurri aioli is vibrant, slightly spicy, and herby. It brings brightness to every bite – mix all of your ingredients in a food processor and combine it with mayo.

Chimichurri Aioli
Classic aioli with tangy chimichurri.
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chimichurri aioli in a bowl

4. Guava Sweet Chili Sauce

A guava twist to the original sweet chili sauce, it’s spicy, sweet, and sour.

Mix guava paste with rice vinegar, chili pepper, finely minced fresh garlic and ginger, and rice wine.

5. Aji Picante

Aji Picante is a sauce that can really enhance the flavors of your empanadas, salads, soups, and even coconut shrimp!

This sauce is made with fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, onion, tomato, vinegar, lime, and two types of fresh chilies. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to add some extra zest to crispy shrimp (or empanadas).

Aji Picante A Spicy Colombian Empanada Sauce
Perfectly spicy empanada dipping sauce.
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aji picante empanada sauce on empanada

Enjoy Crispy Coconut Shrimp with These Refreshing Tropical Drinks: Easy and Delicious Recipes

6. Passion Fruit Juice

The combination of delicious shrimp and passion fruit’s sweet and tangy taste is perfect!

Shop for frozen passion fruit at your local supermarket if you can’t find fresh maracuya, and blend it with a hint of sugar and lots of ice!

Simple Passion Fruit Juice (Jugo de Maracuya)
A cold glass of passion fruit juice.
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jugo de maracuya in glass

7. Limonada de Coco (Coconut Limeade)

Treat yourself to a delicious and refreshing coconut limeade with just the right tropical flavors.

Pair it with some yummy coconut shrimp for an extra coconutty theme!

5-Ingredient Colombian Limonada de Coco (Coconut Limeade)
Coconut Limeade with fresh lime juice, condensed coconut milk, coconut puree, water, and ice!
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Side view of two glasses of Limonada de coco

8. Jugo de Lulo

Lulo fruit, or naranjilla, is a refreshing tropical citrus fruit found in Colombia and several other Latin countries. It’s tangy and has citrus notes of lime and kiwi, with just a hint of sweetness.

This refreshing jugo de naranjilla is perfect year-round. All you’ll need is a blender, water, and ice.

Refreshing Jugo de Lulo: ‘Little Orange’ Juice Recipe
Naranjilla Juice
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Jugo de lulo in a glass on a marble counter

What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp If You’re Planning To Make It For Lunch Or Dinner

If you’re a fan of coconut shrimp (like me) and want it as your main course, consider pairing it with one of these delicious sides to make it a well-rounded meal.

9. Air Fryer Plantain Chips

Crispy, thin, and salty plantain chips. Great for the kids (even adults)! They’ll absolutely love these.

Air Fryer Plantain Chips
Easy, crispy homemade air fryer plantain chips are perfect for snacking. They're gluten-free and a healthier version of the classic plantain chips.
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overhead view of air fryer plantain chips with parsley on a stone color plate

10. Air Fryer Patacones (Twice Air Fried Plantains)

Twice-fried patacones or plantains are light and crispy. Fry them in oil or air fry them for a delicious pairing. If you’re unsure what to serve with coconut shrimp, these patacones are a treat.

Cut green plantains into chunks, fry them, then smash them, and fry them again to get that light, crispy plantain to perfection.

Patacones con Hogao
Colombian Style Air Fried Plantains
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Patacones con hogao in a bowl

11. Cilantro Lime Rice

Want to make this crave-able Chipotle rice at home? All you need is some fresh lime juice, salt, and cilantro!

Serve it with some crispy coconut shrimp, a few slices of pickled ginger, and spicy aioli for a meal you won’t forget!

Cilantro Lime Rice
Jasmine rice with cilantro and fresh lime.
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cilantro lime rice in a bowl

12. Air Fryer Arañitas de Plátanos

Have you ever tried arañitas de platanos? These lovely little fritters made from air-fried plantains are just so delicate and delicious. Some people call them spider plantains, but no matter what you call them, they’re definitely worth trying!

Air fryer Arañitas de Platanos
Air Fryer Crispy Plantain Hash
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Aranitas-de-platano on a plate

13. Colombian Coconut Rice

Sweet coconut rice from the coast of Colombia, served with or without raisins. It resonates beautifully with the coconut theme.

Arroz con Coco Colombiano (Colombian Coconut Rice)
Caramelized coconut rice with raisins
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arroz con coco in a bowl

14. Yuca Fries

Cassava fries that are crisp on the outside and soft inside.

15. Easy Sweet Boiled Plantains

If you’re craving some sweet plantains, boil them up! It’s a really easy recipe to follow, and the result is absolutely delicious.

Boiled Plantains
Easy Boiled Plantain Recipe
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Boiled Plantains in a small white bowl

16. Chimichurri Steak Tacos

How about a delicious combination of coconut shrimp and steak tacos for a surf and turf fusion? And the best part is that you can easily prepare the tacos in under 20 minutes with the help of an airfryer! Or a cast iron skillet.

Chimichurri Steak Tacos
Skirt steak tacos with fresh queso blanco and cabbage
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chimichurri steak taco with fresh queso and cabbage on a plate

17. Herby and Tangy Chimichurri Rice

Featuring rice coated with a tangy chimichurri sauce – parsley, fresh oregano, spice, and vinegar! It’s the perfect rice.

Chimichurri Rice
Jasmine rice with tangy and savory chimichurri sauce
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overhead view of chimichurri rice on a charcoal stone plate

18. Southern Macaroni Salad

Although it’s not a traditional Latin side dish, this was always my favorite side growing up. It was my mom’s go-to macaroni salad to serve with roasted and grilled meats.

To create a tangy and savory flavor, the perfectly cooked elbow pasta is mixed with mayo, shredded carrots, finely diced roasted peppers, vinegar, and other delicious ingredients.

Southern-Style Macaroni Salad
Delicious Southern Pasta Salad
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Southern-style Macaroni Salad in a small bowl

19. Sheet Pan Steak and Corn

It is a very hands-off dinner idea with steak and veggies and is delicious when paired with a crunchy, crispy air fryer coconut shrimp.

The perfect mid-week meal! Serve with a side of cilantro lime rice for the final touch.

15-Minute Steak Sheet Pan Recipe
Sheet pan recipe
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Steak and corn on a sheet pan

20. Patacones con Hogao

Air Fried Patacones con Hogao, a savory tomato-onion sauce. The plantains are salty and crunchy, and the sauce is slightly sweet.

The combination of salty and sweet coconut shrimp with these classic patacones made in the air fryer is divine!

Patacones con Hogao
Colombian Style Air Fried Plantains
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Patacones con hogao in a bowl

See the list above for full details.

Side view of coconut shrimp on a white plate

What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp

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20 Latin-Inspired Sides
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  • Serve with your favorite side and serve!


These sides are great, not just with coconut shrimp! Try them with tacos or any of your favorite dishes.
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