Air Fryer Plantain Fritters (Arañitas de Platano)

Air-fried arañitas de platanos are gluten-free, have less fat, and maintain the crispiness of the traditional Puerto Rican classic recipe. These air-fried platanos are an incredibly fun way to mix up snack time and spice up lunch or dinner. If you have 15 minutes, this recipe is extraordinarily easy to make with little prep time and easy cleanup.

arañitas de platano on a plate

What are arañitas de Platano?

An arañita is the diminutive way to refer to a tiny spider in Spanish. Aranitas de platano are crispy plantain hash or fritters that are incredibly easy to make. They’re the perfect snack and a healthier version of a traditional deep-fried plantain chip.

Because the plantain is shredded, the thin slivers of green plantains get crunchy when combined with a drizzle of oil and a hot air fryer.

Tips for the crispiest recipe

  • Cut the plantain in half and grate them lengthwise for longer, thinner grated strips – the longer strips make it easier to form and stay together.
  • Season them well in a medium-sized bowl, mix them with avocado oil, and ensure the patties are well coated before forming.
  • Set the Air fryer at 360 degrees, I tested this recipe at a higher setting, and it burned the arañita. The sweet spot is between 345-360 – preferably 360 degrees for the crispiest results.
Green plantain on a cutting board

Ingredients & Variations

  1. Green plantains – use green starchier plantain rather than yellow for the perfect crispy plantain. Try this recipe with sweet maduros and ripened plantains if you want a sweeter version. Remember, for a crunchy version of arañitas de platanos, stick to green plantains.
  2. Avocado Oil is a healthier mild oil that is perfect for high-temperature cooking methods like air frying. The oil provides the plantain with the fat required to obtain the crunch desired.
  3. Sazon – is a combination of spices, including organic achiote, organic cumin, organic coriander, organic garlic, organic oregano, and organic black pepper. For a spicy version, you can also season with garlic powder, cumin, onion powder, and red pepper flakes.
  4. Lime Juice – add a drizzle before cooking in the air fryer; the lime gives the plantain a tangy kick. This is completely optional, and you can do without it.
  5. Sea Salt – if the sazon doesn’t have salt, add sea salt into the mixture before or add a pinch after the air frying.

What can I serve arañitas with?

These plantains pair perfectly with this boneless, skinless air fryer chicken thigh recipe. Or dip them in a tangy and creamy chimichurri sauce or drizzle on fresh, authentic chimichurri.

Plantains are delicious with guacamole or this hogao sauce (green onion and tomato creole sauce).

Peeling Plantains The Easy Way

  • Run hot water on the plantain before slicing it open and peeling it. The hot water loosens the peel from the plantain and makes peeling and slicing easier. Run it under hot water for 30 seconds, or place the plantain in a medium-sized bowl with hot water before peeling.
  • Cut the ends off.
  • Slice the plantain lengthwise, deep enough to slice through the skin, not the plantain.
  • Remove the peel by lifting a corner of the peel and pulling it off the plantain.

Note: See detailed instructions and quantities below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step One

Fill a medium-sized bowl with hot water and submerge the plantain for 5 minutes – to loosen the starch and peel.

Score the plantain lengthwise, and cut the ends before removing the skin. Carefully take a knife to lift a corner of the peel to make the process much easier. Once peeled, cut the plantain in half before grating.

Step Two

Use the large side of the grater to grate the plantain lengthwise. Grate the entire plantain and carefully transfer the grated plantain to a medium-sized bowl. The arañitas de platano are made with green plantains that are much easier to grate than yellow ones.

Shredded plantains for arañitas de platanos.

Step three

Add the shredded plantain, sazon, lime juice, and avocado oil in a medium-sized bowl, and mix well until the grated platano is well coated. Sazon and lime juice are optional. A simple pinch of salt is also incredibly delicious.

Grated platanos in a bowl
Grated platanos in a bowl

Step Four

Using tongs, grab small bundles of the grated plantains, smaller than the size of your palm, and place them in the air fryer basket—quick tip, the smaller and fluffier the piles, the crispier the plantain.

aranitas in airfryer basket
aranitas in airfryer basket

Step 5

Air Fry at 360 degrees for 7 minutes. Note: Every air fryer, just like ovens, can operate slightly differently. Check them after 5 minutes to make sure they’re not burning. I have an older Philips air fryer model, which is not very fancy but incredibly easy to use.

Once the arañitas de platano are crispy and lightly golden, place them on a dish and serve with a dip as a snack or side.

Serve the arañitas de platanos and enjoy!

aranitas de platanos with sazon
aranitas de platano with sazon

Aranitas-de-platano on a plate

Air fryer Arañitas de Platanos

Olga Muñoz
Air Fryer Crispy Plantain Hash
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Prep Time 8 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Course Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch, Main Course, Side Dish, Snack, Tapas
Cuisine Puerto Rican
Servings 4 people


  • 1 Air Fryer
  • 1 Tongs
  • 1 Medium-Sized Bowl
  • 1 Grater
  • 1 Cutting Board


  • 1 Plantain
  • 1 tsp Sazon
  • 2 tbsp Avocado Oil
  • 1 tsp Lime Juice
  • 1 pinch Salt


  • Step One
    Tip! To make peeling the plantain easier, run hot water on it or place it in a medium-sized bowl with hot water. The hot water helps release the peel from the plantain, which makes it easier to peel.
    Cut the ends, peel or remove the peel, and cut the plantain in half.
    Step Two
    Use a grater to grate the plantain lengthwise. Apply light pressure when grating to get thin strips for a crispier plantain hash.
  • Step three
    Add the shredded plantain, sazon, lime juice (optional), and avocado oil in a medium-sized bowl, and mix well until the grated platano is well coated.
  • Step Four
    Place small bundles smaller than the palm of your hand in the air fryer basket—the smaller and fluffier the bundles, the crispier the plantain.
  • Step 5
    Air Fry at 360 degrees for 7 minutes. Note: Every air fryer, just like ovens, can operate slightly differently. Check them after 5 minutes to make sure they're not burning.
    Serve the arañitas de platanos with your favorite dipping sauce, dip or drizzle chimichurri or hot sauce on the crispy plantains, and enjoy!
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