How Long Does Arroz Con Leche Last In The Fridge?

So, you made a delicious batch of this 6-ingredient arroz con leche (Colombian) recipe that’s been a hit with everyone who tasted that sweet, milky rice pudding infused with vanilla and cinnamon. You’re probably wondering how to store it in the fridge and how long it can stay fresh.

That’s also assuming that you have any of that heavenly goodness left to store!

If you’ve made a big batch to enjoy later, knowing how to store it properly without compromising its taste is so important.

If you enjoy warm arroz con leche straight from the stove, I’ll show you how to reheat it below. It’s one of my favorite ways to savor the sweet cinnamon, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk mixture.

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The Basics Of Arroz Con Leche

While the recipes can vary from country to country, Latin Americans’ most essential ingredients in an easy arroz con leche recipe are different types of milk, such as whole, evaporated, condensed, and rice, such as jasmine rice.

To make the best arroz con leche recipe, you need these essential ingredients: ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and rice.

Classic recipes typically call for white rice, either long-grain or medium-grain rice. In contrast, Spanish and Mexican arroz con leche is usually thicker and made with short (arborio rice) or medium-grain rice.

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The recipe has many variations across Latin American countries and Puerto Rico.

For instance, a hint of lime peel zest is added in Cuba, while plump raisins are included in some parts of Colombia. Dairy-free versions are also made with nut, soy, or coconut milk.

To wrap up this section, remember that these recipe variations from different cultures can affect how long the arroz con leche will last in the fridge.

Perhaps The Most Important: Check The Expiration Date On The Ingredients

If you’re hoping to make a batch to store in the fridge and enjoy for several days, remember the expiration date on the ingredients included in the recipe.

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Check The Expiration Date On The Milk

As mentioned, arroz con leche is made with a milk mixture, and the date of expiration on the fresh milk can affect the life of the pudding. It impacts how long your arroz con leche can last in the fridge.

Dairy products can shorten the life of the original recipe if the regular milk is set to expire within a couple of days of making the recipe.

The risk of using milk with fast-approaching expiration dates means they’re at greater risk of becoming rancid, which can eventually cause food poisoning.

My biggest tip here is to use milk with an expiration date of three weeks to a month from the use of the milk. So, for example, I made arroz con leche today, and the whole milk I used in my recipe expires three weeks from today. This is to be on the safe side.

How To Store Your Freshly Made Arroz Con Leche In The Fridge

Store It In An Airtight Container

The first recommendation would be to use an airtight container that’s either big enough to store the entire portion of classic arroz con leche or in smaller batches and smaller airtight containers. 

Airtight Mason Jar

I love to store my rice pudding in large, airtight glass mason jars. Not only is glass my favorite type of container, but they’re easy to seal. I divide the portions and store them in the fridge that way. I might freeze one and keep the other in the fridge to enjoy over the week.

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Airtight Glass Container

If you’re looking to save space in the fridge, then use an airtight glass container that is easily stackable, like one that comes with a leakproof lid that locks in the food.

​The goal here is to extend the life of this delicious arroz con leche recipe.

​How Long Does Arroz Con Leche Last In The Fridge?

Okay, you’ve perfectly packaged this creamy Spanish rice pudding next question is, how does arroz con leche last in the fridge? 

After considering the points made above and ensuring that the milk had at least a few weeks before expiring, with proper storage, arroz con leche can last in the fridge for up to 6-7 days. Keep in mind, that It can be frozen for longer, with a freezer-sealed airtight wrap, arroz con leche can last in the freezer for up to 3.5-4 months.

Below is a cheat sheet guide on how to store the arroz con leche and how long it lasts in the fridge.

How Long Does Arroz Con Leche Last In The Fridge Storage Guide

Then you may ask why, if the milk had a three-week expiration date, would it only last a week?

The most straightforward answer to this is that once you combine the sugar, the rice, and all the milk, you have to keep in mind, the shelf-life of all the ingredients, especially if you plan to store it for a longer period of time.

For example, cooked long-grain rice in the fridge can only last a few days before it gets moldy and shouldn’t be eaten. 

Similarly, with a creamy rice pudding recipe. Once the milk, the sugar, and the rice mixture are cooked together, any one of the ingredients will affect the other.

How To Serve Arroz Con Leche Once It’s Been Stored In The Fridge?

I’ve noticed that once arroz con leche has been stored in the fridge, it can dry up. I love a creamy dessert with a cream consistency, so I’ll add a splash of milk to my sweet rice pudding. I also have to admit that I prefer it warm, so I’ll reheat it in a large saucepan on low heat for just 5 minutes unit the milk becomes a creamy texture.

Then, I’ll add cinnamon and enjoy every little bit of this delicious dessert.

You can enjoy it as is. Leave it at room temperature for 5-7 minutes, and enjoy with a pinch of powdered cinnamon or even fresh fruit (if you prefer).

There’s a rice pudding spot in NYC called Rice to Riches that has all types of fun toppings that I love to go to on special occasions, like crispy Nutella bites, dulce de leche, and rice pudding of all kinds. 

Colombian Arroz con Leche

Grab these six ingredients: Whole milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, jasmine rice (or your favorite long-grain rice), vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

After tinkering with the ingredients, I’ve discovered the perfect balance for the creamiest 6-ingredient arroz con leche (Colombian) recipe, whether served hot or cold (I secretly prefer warm arroz con leche). It’s so simple!

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