Authentic Chimichurri Recipe

Authentic chimichurri on a spoon

When drizzled over a perfectly grilled steak, authentic chimichurri adds a burst of flavor that elevates steak or chicken to a new level. The tangy vinegar cuts through the richness of the steak, while the fresh herbs add a vibrant, herbaceous note that wakes up the palate.

Bobby Flay’s Chimichurri Recipe

Chimichurri in a bowl

Chimichurri is a classic Argentine sauce with herbs, garlic, vinegar, and oil. It’s the perfect addition to any grilled meat and adds flavor to any dish. I decided to try Bobby Flay’s spin on chimichurri, and as a renowned chef and restaurateur, I love his take on classic recipes. I curate items based on recipes […]

Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Sofrito

Puerto Rican Sofrito in food processor

Share this *This Post May Include Affiliate Links Recaito is a delicious onion-based green sofrito found in many delicious and traditional Puerto Rican recipes like vegan arroz con gandules. The recipe includes onions, culantro, sweet pepper, bell pepper and garlic. Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter Tiktok Can I use Cilantro instead of Culantro? While culantro is […]

Sofrito Recipe

Puerto Rican Sofrito in a glass jar

Share this *This Post May Include Affiliate Links   You might call sofrito the Latino version of mirepoix. It’s the base of many of the classic and timeless rice recipes, roasts, and stews. While you might feel like THEY must all use the same sofrito recipes every Latin and Hispanic country has its own slightly […]

Hogao: Colombian Arepa Sauce

Hogao Colombian Creole Sauce in a Pan

A few sauces can match the mouth-watering appeal of hogao. This savory Colombian sauce is packed with flavor and is an essential ingredient in many dishes, from breakfast to dinner. Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter Tiktok Share this I curate items based on recipes and kitchen tools I use every day, and I may earn an […]

Basil Pesto Sauce

Pine nuts and basil pesto

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on email Share on print A good sauce can transform a dish, and basil pesto sauce is one of my top three favorites ever. It tastes incredible with pasta and if you’re living a gluten-free life, try this roasted spaghetti squash with basil pesto recipe. […]